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Tap Mun - Visit the Power of Nature

The Brief & The Need


Tap Mun, one of the most visited island in the East of Hong Kong, where people have picnic and camping on the hilltop facing the powerful waves from the Pacific Ocean, yet very few of them appreciate the nature of the island.

The little island is known for the cows and dried grassland, but not its very special characteristic. This lead to the project we developed, to showcase the strength of the nature within the little island and warn the coming visitors of their attitude to protect the natural scenic of the island.

Place Branding

Hong Kong

October 2019

Current State - Brand Concept

Research & Insights


There is a special beauty within the conflict and harmony between the powerful ocean waves and the stand-still land.

When the team stepped on the rocky shore in person, facing the waves, the power from the Pacific is extraordinary.


The Idea & Execution


We took inspiration from the nature and created the theme ‘Ocean clashes Land’.


The main focus is to show how changeable and flexible the ocean could be, even its waves are hitting the shore nonstop, the water will be always in different forms.


There are mainly two sides of the clashes, one is the powerful and forceful dynamic of the ocean; and on the other side, the calm ocean that only ripples over the rocks.

Simple, direct, and clean are the main elements put into the posters. Black and white film photography was used for the imagery to show as much as possible the movements of the waves in high contrast

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