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The Brief & The Need


Greenin'ful is an eco-friendly brand supporting a sustainable lifestyle. Founded by a young Hongkonger who is willing to start from little and explore different opportunities that haven’t been done locally, she is visioned to grow the green community in Hong Kong.


How to out reach the people from zero? The brand has to be active and youthful. It has to speak with a voice and behave like a community facilitator. Here is where we step into the project.


Hong Kong

January 2021

Current State - Brand Running


Research & Insights


Research have shown that the new generation is always open to sustainable product, with a very important element - social currency. The lifestyle has to be sharable, show-off-able, and making a statement.

Our brand has to fulfil the needs in order to push the curiosity out of the young and start the first step of habit-changing, thus engaging into the green lifestyle. Therefore, the tone of voice of Greenin'ful needs to be all-time inviting.

The Idea & Execution


The art direction is to be natural, raw and energetic. Therefore, bold hand-drawn brush strokes play the main role of outlining the characteristics of the brand.

Colours are bright and vivid, showing energy! Who says a green brand has to always be in pale colours? We are loud and proud of the green lifestyle!

From the foundation we built for the brand strategy to be expandable for the brand to expand and have sub-line products.

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