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Designing for Gen Z

The Brief & The Need


The strategy project prepares the Hong Kong Jockey Club wagering business for next generation of Gen Z, a very immaterial portion of the Club’s wagering customer, who is very skeptical about the sports, is requiring an additional layer of initiatives for them to feel comfortable in participating the horse-racing activities.

Strategy & Experience Design

Hong Kong

June - December 2021

Current State - Implementation

Part of the team Eight Inc.

Research & Insights


With rounds of research, interviews, site visits, workshops and more, we identified some of the Gen Z values and attitudes which will further inform the behavioural insights that helps the team to design better experiences cater just for them.

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The Idea 


A set of experience principles are derived from the research that govern our design, where our ideas have to check all the boxes.

Picture 4.png

Interactive and social-able installations are always suggested as a key to make Gen Z feel part of the community, thus increasing their incentive to participate in any wagering or racing-related activities.

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Art Direction & Experience for the App

Horse racing has never been so youth-appealing with bold and vivid colours. Defy from the navy blue and yellow, being young does not mean trading off the credibility of the Club as the Club itself has long historic support on its reputation.

Gen Z were allowed to chat and build their own virtual community, place bets and discuss with friends, learn new knowledge about horses and the Club etc.......


The list could go on, but all in one app.

Idea Implementation in Physical Spaces


With the efficient operation team the Club has, the experience elements are being infiltrated into their newly renovated betting branches, incorporating the social aspect into the sport entertainment.

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