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Chabi Chabi

The Brief & The Need


The owner of the brand is determined to honour the Japanese tradition of Tea ceremony while starting a modern teahouse, position themselves so differently from the rising trend of fusion Matcha brands.

The name Chabi Chabi came from the philosophy of minimalism of Wabi Sabi - the embracement of imperfection and the emergence with nature.


Hong Kong

August 2021

Current State - Branding Concept


Research & Insights


We dig into the strict rules of how Japanese held matcha ceremony in the past in a small teahouse where people bow to enter to show respect.

Tea types are carefully graded and named differently. Only the top tier of tea without exposed under sunlight can bear the name 'Matcha'.


The layout of the teahouse and the grading of tea types are taken into account to the building of the brand.

The Idea & Execution


The brand idea is precisely extracted from the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, as how the name Chabi Chabi came from. We envision how tea drinking will look like in a modern setting but also where the ancient wisdom is preserved.

The logo is designed with the Japanese Kanji of Tea (茶), combining the vision we have for modern tea drinking.


From there, we developed the whole visual system for the brand.

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