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The Nina Experience

The Brief & The Need


Nina Hospitality, a heartwarming positioned hotel group has gone through a rebranding process. Despite the new logo showcasing the elegancy of the brand, the hospitality group itself was in search of the heartfelt character that brings life into the new branding.

That brings the client to us, where we realised the multiple gaps waiting to be filled after, from developing a comprehensive visual system, to create a holistic experience for the hospitality brand.

Strategy & Art Direction

Hong Kong

January 2022

Current State - Implementation

Part of the team Eight Inc.


Research & Insights


The project include rounds of site visits, interviews and workshops to identify the customer segments, operational concerns from the frontline staff and the vision from different managers.

The Idea & Execution


The group, as well as its three sub-brands, will be further established clearly within a 3 year renovation plan, where each tier is targeting a specific customer segment and providing different services.


From there, we designed the unique art direction, which will serves as the character of each tier, and the holistic hospitality experiences for each of them.

The Nina Group


The group, as the hat of the family, will be emphasising on the character of 'Playful Sophistication'.

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Art Direction-01.png
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