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Art Bay

The Brief & The Need


Ellington Property, a design-led property developer in Dubai is planning their next residential development situated at the most cultural district of Dubai — Al Jaddaf.

The brief is to brand differently from luxury apartments in the current market and focus on the fact that is it a cultural village and will be in high contact with art itself.


London, Dubai

July 2023

Current State - Construction

Under the team of Eight Inc.

Research & Insights

Since the property is situated in the UAE, we have studied the form of Arabian calligraphy, whose strokes are different from the English and the Eastern calligraphy.

The Idea & Execution

'Home is a work of art' -

The concept of home is an act of care and creativity that extends beyond physical features and amenities. Art Bay is a property that’s perfected by a blend of nurture and culture. Surrounded by a plethora of galleries and museums, and filled with family amenities and large living spaces, it’s ideal for those who thrive on creativity.

The Visual System

Brush strokes that resonate with art paints.

Shades of blue matching the interior.

Kannada MN font to match the Arabic calligraphy

Social Media

Mood films capture the art of living well.

Layouts inspired by museum artbooks.

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