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Sea & Sky

The Brief & The Need


Sea & Sky is a greek-cuisine restaurant located near by the sea on a riff where guests enjoy the gorgeous nature where the sea and the sky looks like they are touching each other, while having their time with friends,.


Hong Kong

August 2022

Current State - Brand Concept

Research & Insights


We researched on human dining behaviour. Human build connection the most by sharing food on the same table and conversation flows. It is instinctively carved in our mind that we long for the connections with others, and eating is the best way in many cultures to build relationships, friends and family likewise.

Sky & Sea RGB-14.JPG

The Idea & Execution

Sea & Sky emphasis on the human connection that metaphors the sky and the sea which looks like they connect to each other.


The very important element of the brand - the touch - a fun element that presented elegantly by the human form of hand. 

Asset 5_3x.png

The brand is vivid, vibrant and connective. The dining experience of Sea & Sky is all about sharing under the sun.

The selection of colour is based on the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The contrast between day and night, and reflected as the shades of gradients.

Sky & Sea RGB-06.JPG
Sky & Sea 07.JPG
Sky & Sea RGB_Artboard 11.JPG
Sky & Sea RGB-19.JPG
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