Experimental Exhibition, 2020

Muse is an experimental design project studying the musical perception of the human through three installation experiences. People are encouraged to interact with the installations and explore the music visually with their own perception. We try to understand how people understand music here.

The name ‘Muse’ is taken from the inspiration of Greek mythology. The Greek goddesses of art & music are the Muses. They are known as one entity, though there are actually 9 of them and each is unique in their own way. Its resonances with the concept of perception as perception could be understood universally to some extent, though still unique among each of us.

The experience design includes three installations which provide different ways to experience music. The first two installations are for sensational purposes, with one for purely sensational perception experiences using thermo-active material, and the other display the decoded perception of musical spatiality from participants of the research.

The last installation is a translation between musical perception and visual language which aims to understand how perception works when music meets our mind. The table is created for visitors to compose or construct their own perception with tiles. The aim of this table is to provide a visual way or a visual language for people to use to convey perceptions of music that our verbal language could not. The tiles are derived from the results of the research participants which describe how they feel about the song.

Perception is ineffable, vague yet presence.

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