Art Direction & Branding, 2021

An experimental multimedia concert with William Fu on his extraordinary taste of the Romantic Period Pieces, where the keys on the piano played paintings of the Impressionism one by one.

With the close connection of the Impressionism period between music and art, and the imitation of nature within the music, the approach to the multimedia design is immersive, showcasing the power of Impressionists of nature.

Credit: French May 2021

Creative Partners: Rever Li, Jacky Ho

Musician: William Fu

The ticket is designed in a small card easy for people to carry, with the QR code scanning to open the concert programme. We change the printed materials to online for sustainability as well as the digital art form we were taking for this project.


The whole concert is divided into 5 scenes, with the bird as a metaphor of human sorrow, depicted from Debussy's and Ravel's music pieces. The bird will be going through ups and downs and finally embrace grief as a part of itself.

We also explored various illustration styles that accompany the storyline without distracting the nature scenic views. So I created the line illustrations of the bird and the different types of sorrow which will be displayed in the concert.

Grief, could also be experienced elegantly.