Proposed rebranding project, 2022


A sophisticated bar is situated in the heart-racing venue where the elites of the city of Hong Kong will gather at the bar for the quality time while enjoying the fascinating horse races.

While the bar is hitting its lowest customer flow due to COVID as well as the long not updated image, the younger generation of elites start to lose interest in the bar.


It is where rebranding and rethinking the value of the bar is needed.

ins 2.jpg

Capturing the essence of the bar which makes it stands out from all the alcohol bars in the city is the effect of Adrenaline itself on human body. It is a rush of excitement followed by a release that makes our minds blank.

The blank is captured with the white swirl among all the dreamy colours.

Adrenaline Mi CS6-09.jpg
Adrenaline Mi CS6-07.jpg
Business Card Mockup.jpg
Mask Envelope.jpg